Department of medicine is well established since 10 years with well experienced medical faculty. Having 6 units with dedicated team of doctors and well trained nursing staff are managing ICCU, MICU, Casualty, emergency ward & Dialysis units round the clock, which are fully equipped with advanced instruments including ventilators, Defibrillators, multipara cardiac monitors, bedside X-ray units, external pacemaker, ABG machine, etc.
We have weekly specialty clinics where expertises are engaged with challenging problems of cardiology, diabetes, and nephrology. Hospital is well equipped with sophisticated instruments like echocardiography and colour doppler, Holter monitor & TMT machine, PFT and 4 Dialysis machines which are in dialysis unit.
Hospital has good number of OPD & IPD patients, students have got good opportunity to learn more. We have academic oriented teaching staff having national / international publications to their credit. Department is engaged in doing CME’s workshop & research work.


Mission/Vision regarding training undergraduate/postgraduate.
  • Every effort will be made to provide good knowledge & education to students.
  • Teaching the students by the use of active methods of learning like group discussion, Seminars, demonstration and interaction with senior faculty member.
  • PG’s are encouraged to prepare case reports, produce scientific papers & get involved in workshops, seminars & conferences etc.
  • Engaging them in doing basic research work, taking up projects & works regarding problems of this area keeping in view of ethnical issues.
  • To teach them the use of modern gadgets like interest, CD library &LCD presentations.
  • To prepare them to work like super specialist with hands on training in all super specialty departments of medicine by sending them to KIDWAI, NIMHANS and Sri.JAYADEVA Institute of Cardiology Bangalore.

Number of Postgraduate Seats:-

MD Medicine: 04 Seats

Infrastructure of the departments

Medicine department has separate rooms for each professor along with associate, assistant, residents, department library and office room are separate. OPD block has separate rooms for professor and junior staff for examination of the patients.
For PG’s

  • Tuesday– Journal Club
  • Wednesday– Case discussion
  • Thursday - Subject Seminar

For UG’s
  • Tuesday –Seminar for 9th term MBBS Students.

There will be 3 internal examinations for UG & PG’s students as per university guideline.

Publications in different Journals:

Sl.No Name of Journal/s Volume number, issue and period Name of the author/s Title of the article
1. Journal of Clinical and Diagonostic Research Dr.G.B.Doddamani Spotaneous Becterial Peritonitis in Ascites:A Prospective Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital
2. Journal of Advances Research in Biological Sciences Dr.G.B.Doddamani Clinical & Radioligical Menifestations in Tuberculosis Patients Co-infected with HIV
3. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice Dr.G.B.Doddamani Pleural Fluid Analysis In HIV Associated Tuberculosis Patients
4. Journal of Clinical and Diagonostic Research Dr.S.A.Kora Subacute Hepatic Failure
5. Journal of Clinical and Diagonostic Research Dr.S.A.Kora Clinical Profile Of Posterior Circulation Stroke In A Tertiary care Centre In Southern
6. Journal of Clinical and Diagonostic Research Dr.S.A.Kora Clinical and Radiological Co-relation of Posterior Circulation Stroke in a Tertiary Care Centre in Southern India
7. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science Dr.Pramiladevi.R Study of lipid Profile in Hypertensive Patients
8. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science Dr.S.M.Goornavar Acute Myocardial Infarction in young
9. RGUHS Dr.S.A.Kora Inhalational OP Poisoning-A case report
10. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science Dr.S.A.Kora Sociodemographic Factors Associated with Acceptance of Treatment in Patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases in a Tertiary Care Centre in Southern India
11. Journal of Clinical and Diagonostic Research Dr.S.A.Kora An Analysis of Doctor Blood wastage in a blood Bank in Rural Karnataka
12. Journal of Clinical and Diagonostic Research Dr.Shashidhar.Khanapure Effect of much bhastrika(atype pranayama) on the sensory: motor performance
13. Journal of Clinical and Diagonostic Research Dr.Pramiladevi.R The survival of elderly patients on haemo-dialysis: A single center study from rural north Karnataka
14. Journal of Clinical and Diagonostic Research Dr.S.A.Kora Sociodemographic profile of the organophoshorus poisoning cases in southern India.
15. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Dr.Gopal.Bajaj A study on cardiovascular risk factor among providers in a tertiary care centre in southern India
16. Journal of Research Medical Sciences Dr.Satish.Biradar Correlation of spot urine protein-cretinine ratio 24 hour urinary protein in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients: a cross sectional study
17. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science Dr.Gopal.Bajaj A Survey of blood conservation methods in clinical practice in tertiary care centre in north Karnataka
18. Indian journal of endocrinology and metabolism Dr.Shashidhar.Khanapure Low dose adrencorticotropic hormone test and adrenal insufficiency in critically ill acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patients.
19. International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences Dr.Pramiladevi.R Hypoparathyroidism in dialysis patients of Bagalkot
20. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science Dr.Sangamesh.Malaji Study of opportunistic parasitic infections at various level of immunosuppression in HIV/AIDS patients presenting with diarrheas
21. Medica Inovatica Dr.Pramiladevi.R Depression in Patients on Hemodialysis in Bagalkot


  1. A study on thyroid profile in type 2 DM above 40 years
  2. Serum vitamin D levels in nearly detected type 2 diabetes mellitus
  3. Study of the validity of the commercially available dengue rapid test in suspected dengue patients
  4. Predictors of CD4 cell count in HIV infected patients aged 20 years and above coming to ICTC centre of HSK Hospital, Bagalkot
  5. Echocadiographic changes in patients with chronic kidney disease
  6. Hypomagnesaemia in critically ill patients in HSK Hospital Bagalkot
  7. Micro albuminuria and subclinical target organ damage in hypertension with reference to cretinine clearance ratio.
  8. Prognostic value of clinical and lab parameters in assessing the severity of organophosphorous compound poisoning.
  9. Serum ferritin levels in type 2 DM


  1. Dr.Subhash.L.Patil (Associate Professor):- Recipient of Independence-day State award 2007
  2. Dr.H.F.Yogappanavar (Associate Professor):- Recipient of Independence-day State award 2008


Diabetic Club
Diabetic club is a unique club where diabetic patients are members and they will run the club. In this regard we started our diabetic club on 01/03/2006.& inauguration was done by Deputy Commissioner of Bagalkot Sri K S Prabhakar who is also a diabetic patient. Sri V.Y. Kavatekar Administrator VPM BGK was elected as the president & Sri G V Muttagi administrator PMNM Dental College as the secretary with treasurer & executive committee formed.
This club conducted many diabetic camps, Diabetic Foot Camp with Sandoz (Bioesthio Meter, peripheral Doppler, planter pressure detector used), Diabetic Diet Awareness Camp with D-protein Company was done. Since then diabetic club with member strength of more than 180 has done, many free camps & diabetic sub Specialty camps & awareness camps Recently last Public Awareness Camp with Micro and other companies.

Contact :-
Dept of Medicine S.N.Medical College Navanagar Bagalkot 587102.
Ph No 08354-235400 Ext Department 1299, 1297, OPD-1133, 1134, 1135.

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