Department of anatomy, being the first department to receive the fresh students, it is equipped with young and enthusiastic staff, who are not only academically excellent but also are compassionate, dedicated, student friendly and encouraging for the innovative ideas.


1. Orientation of the students to the field of medicine
2. To train undergraduates to attain basic knowledge of the subject
3. To train them about structural and functional co-relation with its applied aspects
4. Training the students to acquire the necessary communication skills
5. Training the students for the quiz competitions and other competitive exams
6. Providing support to the extra- curricular activities of the students
7. To train the students to get the 100% pass results and to score better percentage
8. Helping the students to distress through counselling and meditation



Infrastructure of our department is well equipped in all the fields with all the necessary requirements for teaching and as per the MCI requirements.Department has more than adequate number of cadavers for the dissection purpose. We also have more than adequate number of charts, gross anatomy specimens, embryology models, dry bones, complete articulated skeletons in our departments for the both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

Weekly academic activity
: Tutorials, seminars and journal clubs are being regularly Conducted   
Exams: 6 part completion tests and 3 internal assessments are conducted for the students at regular intervals

Ongoing research activities in the department:

  1. MRI study of level of termination of spinal cord
  2. Surgical approaches to internal acoustic meatus
  3. Study of surgical anatomy of sellar region
  4. study of sexual dimorphism among cranial sutures
  5. Study of vascular anatomy of long bones
  6. Study of pancreatic duct variations among north Karnataka region
  7. Study of surgical anatomy of temporal bone

Continued medical education programs:

State level CME on “clinical Anatomy” was conducted on 22nd Aug 2008 under the banner of Golden jubilee celebration of Medical council of India


10th Karnataka chapter of anatomists conference was conducted on 23rd and 24th Aug 2008.


  1. Elongated styloid process report two very rare cases-International journal of anatomical variations (IJAV)
  2. Multiple variations of median nerve with persistent median artery-Anatomica Karnataka
  3. Effect of yoga on heart rate and blood pressure-Al Ameen journal of medical sciences (AJMS)
  4. Branching pattern of external carotid artery in humans-Journal of clinical and diagnostic research (JCDR)
  5. Suboccipital retrosigmoid surgical approach to internal acoustic canal -morphometric anatomical study – Indian journal of otolaryngology and head neck surgery(IJOHNS)- GOLD MEDAL WINNING ARTICLE
  6. Morphometric study of ethmoidal foramen on dry human skulls- Journal of clinical and diagnostic research (JCDR)
  7. Active learning by play dough modeling in medical school-Advances in physiology Education (APE)
  8. Duplication of optic canals in human skulls-(JCDR)
  9. Prevalence and dimensions of complete sella turcica bridges-(Journal of  Anatomical Society of India)
  10. Effect of body mass index and gender on the cardiovascular and mental response
    to yoga .Biomedical   Research.
  11. Sexual dimorphism in the Humerus-A study on south Indians –JCDR

Contact details-Phone number and e-mail-id:
Phone number- 08354235340, Ext-1145 and 1154