Physiology is one of the basic sciences which leads your way towards proper understanding of clinical sciences. It is taught in the first year of MBBS course and deals with the normal functioning of the human body, the mechanisms by which normal functioning is regulated, and the pathophysiology of these mechanisms and the functioning, when disease ensues.

Undergraduate students: We emphasize on building the basic concepts and skills in physiology and how this fundamental knowledge is utilized for application in leading a healthy life and also for proper understanding of the diseased states, and thereby appropriate management of the patients, when they step into clinical sciences.
Postgraduate students: We emphasize on reinforcing the basic concepts and clinical skills learned at undergraduate level, training them in application and integration of the learned concepts, special training in systemic physiology and its applied aspects, with in-depth understanding at molecular/cellular level and training them in research methodology, and various sub-specialties like yoga, exercise/sports physiology, space physiology, and electrophysiological studies.  

Courses catered:

  • MBBS
  • MD-Physiology

. Number of postgraduate seats:
3 seats per year
Infrastructure of the department

1. Practical Laboratories:

Spacious and well equipped with latest instruments.
Hematology Laboratory
Clinical Physiology Laboratory
Human/Amphibian Laboratory
Research Laboratory- includes exercise physiology, cardio-respiratory physiology and neurophysiology laboratories
Mammalian Laboratory
2.  Demonstration Rooms:
a) Number: 02
b) Capacity: 90 to 100
c) Audio-Visual equipment available: Over head projector, LCD with
computer, Collar mike with amplifier

Departmental Library-Cum-Seminar Room:

A well- lit and spacious library-cum-seminar room, bearing all the major reference books and journals in physiology with 24- hour internet connection is available in the department.
Academic Activities:
For undergraduate students:- We conduct-
Theory classes: Six theory classes in a week
Practical classes: Once in a week for each batch/ student (3 hours)
Tutorials: Twice a week
Internal Assessment - Once in 3 months 
Part completion test (PCT) after completing each system/topic.
For postgraduate students:- We conduct-
Weekly seminar and Journal club presentations
PG Practical discussion
PG Theory Discussion
PG tutorials
Discussions regarding dissertation and other research works.
Achievements of staff (publications, other honors in the field)
1) Dr. Surekharani Chinagudi, Associate Professor

Surekharani Chinagudi, Shidanna M. Patted, Anita Herur. A study of electrocardiographic changes in congenital deaf school children. Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2010; 62(1); 44-48.

Surekharani Chinagudi, Shiddanna M. Patted, Anita Herur. A Study Of Cardiovascular Autonomic Functions In Congenitally Deaf Children With A Long QTc Interval. JCDR doi: 600-859 (published online first 15th June 2011)

2) Dr. Anita Herur, Associate Professor

Anita Herur, Sanjeev Kolagi and Surekharani Chinagudi. Effect of yoga on cardiovascular and mental status in normal subjects above 30 years of age. Al Ameen J Med Sci 2010; 3 (4): 337-344.

Anita Herur, Sanjeev Kolagi, Surekharani Chinagudi, R. Manjula, Shailaja Patil. Active learning by play dough modeling in the medical profession. Adv Physiol Educ 2011; 35 (2): 241-243.

Anita Herur, Sanjeev Kolagi, Surekharani Chinagudi. Effect of body mass index and gender on the cardiovascular and mental response to yoga. Biomedical Research 2011; 22 (accepted for publication).

3) Dr. Shailaja Patil, Asst. Professor

Shailaja Patil, Asha A. Dharwadkar, Anand R. Dharwadkar, Anita Herur, Roopa B. Ankad. The Relationship Between The Intraocular Pressures Of Both The Eyes Before And After Water Ingestion. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2011 April, 5(2):271-273.

Patil SS, Dharwadkar AA, Dharwadkar AR, Herur A, Ankad RB. A Comparative and Interrelationship Study between Blood Pressure and Intraocular Pressure in Young Healthy Male Adults after Water Ingestion. International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health. 2011; 3(6):466-473.

4) Dr. Roopa Ankad, Asst. Professor

Ankad RB, Ankad BS, Herur A, Patil S, Chinagudi S, Shashikala GV. Effect of Short Term Pranayama and Meditation on Respiratory Parameters in Healthy Individuals. International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health. 2011; 3 (6):430-437.

5) Dr. Samata Padaki, PG

Samata Padaki, K. Vijayakrishna, Amrut Dambal, Roopa Ankad, Manjula R., Chinagudi Surekharani, Anita Herur, Shailaja Patil. Anthropometry And Physical Fitness In Individuals With Family History Of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus – A Comparative Study. Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 2011 (Ahead of Print).

6) Dr. Clevin Rashmi Rebello,  PG

Clevin Rashmi Rebello, Anita Herur, Manjula R., Roopa Ankad, Shailaja Patil, Surekharani Chinagudi. Anthropometric and cardiac function difference between children from orphanage and children with wards. Curr Pediatr Res 2011; 15 (2): 81-84.

Contact details – phone no and email id
Phone: 08354-235400 ext: 1172, 1171
Fax:  08354-235360
Email id:

  Dr. Saroj A. Diwanji            Professor and HOD