The department of Orthopaedics was started 10 Years back in the old campus. Recently we have started Orthotic & Prosthetic department added to Orthopaedic department
The hospital caters   to the needs of the patients for a area of 100-150 KM. The Orthopaedics department is equipped with the best infrastructure, instrumentation, human resources and remains a forerunner in providing modern Orthopaedics care with compassionate look at the community.

Vision :
“To Progressively Improve Quality and Attain  Excellence at National and International Level  in The Field Of  Graduate and  Post-graduate Orthopaedics Education, Research and Modern Health Care Delivery”.
“To incorporate and effectively implement newer technology in teaching, learning and evaluation to make a internationally competent and confident orthopaedic surgeon who will engage in ethical practice. To inspire the sense of inquiry and ignite the Spirit of research in the students and the faculty”.

Objectives :
“At Postgraduate (PG) level- Capable to deliver quality orthopaedic care, to engage in research and training in basic sciences, Orthopaedics and musculoskeletal trauma”.

Courses Catered: eg MBBS, BDS, PG, MS.  Diploma:
Postgraduate diploma and Masters degree in Orthopaedics and also train Postgraduates  of allied subjects .

Number of Postgraduate seats:    02

1. MS. (Ortho) -  01

2. D,Ortho        -  01  

Teaching Activities

  •  Journal club, Case discussion &

Seminar 1 / week

    • Inter departmental meeting with radiology & Pathology

Achivements of staff (Publications, Other honours in the field):
1.Dr. S. M. Antin. -   
Professor and HOD

  • Anteriorly Angulated Supracondylar fracture of Humerus with ulnar nerve paralysis - J.N.M.C.Scientific Society, Vol.No.88-90, 1985.
  • Hemimelia Fibula – J.N.M.C.Scientific Society.
  • Charcots arthropathy of elbow- A rare case with review of literature- The Indian practitioners Dec 2005.
  • Infantile supra condylar fracture humures- Journal of Scientific society
  • Pelvi a cerabular fractures in a poly trauma in  KLESH Life line -2005.
  • Study of bone minaeral density using ultra heel densitometer in Belgaum district in  KLESH Life line -2005.
  • “Charcots Arthropathy of Elbow – A Rare Case Report With Review of Literature” has got published in Indexed peer review national journal, The Indian Practitioner.
  • “Solitary Osteochondroma of Thoracic Spine – A case report” has been published in National Journal, Indian Journal of Orthopaedics. April 2006 Volume 40: Number 2: Page 123 & 124.

Dr. M. C. Bellad

           1)     Echiphy  seal Injury around elbow in children presented Bangalore
2)     Ipsilateral Fracture Management of Femur with
Reconstruction Nail a Clinical study Hubli & Dharwad Orthopaedic
Association Annual Meet
3)     Comparision of various  Modalities  of treatment in fracture of
Lower end Radius in K,O,A, Annual Meet.
Dr. S. M. Patted.
 Associate Prof

Common Complications In Total Knee Replacement ‘A 11 years Experience in India’ Shiddanna M Patted ,S venkat, Orthopaedic update (India)11;32-43,2001                                                                       

A Study Of Electrocardiographic Changes In Congenital Deaf School Children

            Surekharani Chinagudi, Shiddanna M Patted,Anitha Herur
Indian J Otolaryngol Head neck Surg(January –March 2010)62(1):44-48.

 A Study Of Cardiovascular Autonomic Functions In Congenitally Deaf Children 

              With A Long QTc Interval
Surekharani Chinagudi, Shiddanna M. Patted, Anita Herur
JCDRdoi:600-859(published online first 15th June 2011

Dr. H. R. Katti.
    Associate Prof
Dr. N. B. Sanakal
           Sr. Resident

Functional outcome of Idiopathic CTEV Treated by PONSETI TECHNIQUE, A

          Case series.  Vol ; 2 Orthopedic Association of South Indian States ( OASIS
2007).  Prof. M Shantharam Shetty, Dr. M. Ajith Kumar,  Dr. N. B. SANAKAL.
2.     Role of Posteromedial soft tissue in resistant neglected Clubfoot, KOACON 2007.            
Prof. M Shantharam Shetty, Dr. M. Ajith Kumar, 
Dr. N. B. SANAKAL.  Dr. Girish. K.

Contact details
Dr. S. M. Antin
Prof& HOD
Department of Orthopaedics

S.N.Medical College and H.S.K.Hospital
E-mail address:dr.smantin @gmail.com

Mobile Number: 9449200077