1. To train undergraduates to attain basic knowledge of the subject in a friendly environment.
  2. To train the students to understand common medicolegal problems
  3. To train the students to perform medicolegal autopsies and interpret the findings.
  4. To train the students to make use of knowledge of other branches of medicine for the Administration of justice.
  5. To guide the students participating in Quiz and other competitive examination.

The students are provided with an overview of the medico legal aspects of health sciences, components of toxicology and ethics.

The department provides the medico legal support to the post mortem diagnosis and other medico legal cases of the hospital and its jurisdiction. The department has its own class room, two demonstration rooms, laboratory, departmental library.

The department runs a state of the art mortuary consisting Autopsy Rooms and another for decomposed bodies, an Inquest Room, Store Room, Doctors’ Room, Students’ Room and a Waiting Room for the mourners. There is a Cold Storage facility to  store as many as 6 bodies.