Pathology is a branch of medicine which deals with the causes, mechanism, damages caused to the organs & their fate & enriches the mind to do clinical correlations. There is a mixture of both senior & junior staff. Both the teaching & non-teaching staff are student friendly, co-operative, sincere & dedicated to their profession. Post-graduate courses were started in our department in the year 2009 & today we have 12 MD candidates.



  1. To provide need & value based high standard teaching.
  2. To provide newest & advanced diagnostic techniques/modalities to meet the ever changing & new challenges in the field of medicine.
  3. To provide self reliant pathologist to the society with high quality theoretical & practical learning programmes, exposing them to advanced diagnostic techniques, so as to make them to face ever changing global needs
  4. To inculcate values of ethical based practice to help them do justice & honesty to their profession & to the society.
At the end of the course, the students should have comprehensive knowledge of mechanism & causes of diseases, routine lab diagnostic tests & also about the new technologies in the diagnosis. They should recognize health for all as a national goal.

PG cum tutors: (MD Pathology)

  1. 2009 Batch:
  2. a) Dr. Anita P. Javalgi

    b) Dr. Rashmi A. Tolanur
c) Dr. Sharada S. Patil
d) Dr. Meenakshi K.S.
2) 2010 Batch: a) Dr. Unaiza Farheen
b) Dr. Mayur H. Kanasagra
c) Dr. Jyoti Y. Bendigeri
d) Dr. Sameer Kadam
3) 2011 Batch: a) Dr. Megha A. Shukla
b) Dr. Ashish Pandey
c) Dr. Shreedevi S. Bobati
d) Dr. Savitri Savadi

Courses Catered:

  1. Undergraduate: MBBS & BDS
  2. Postgraduate: MD & DCP

Number Of Postgraduate seats:

  1. MD- 6 seats per year
  2. DCP- 2 seats per year

Infrastructure of the department:
As per the MCI norms, department of pathology has adequate space for the teaching & non-teaching staff members; big & spacious laboratories for the students with all possible facilities for conducting UG/PG practicals like uniocular & binocular microscopes (1 microscope per student) C.C. Tv, Audio-visual aids & live demonstration by the staff.
Our department has a highly organized museum with numerous unique specimens & charts which will enlighten the student regarding the history, progress & contribution of pathology to the field of medicine. All the aspects of the disease pathology have been highlighted including the clinical aspects.
Our department has a well equipped histopathology tissue processing laboratory with the latest microtome (Leica) & provisions for special staining also with a well trained technical staff. Specimens from the college as well as outside hospitals are received & promptly reported for the patient’s benefit.
We have a highly efficient working OPD with qualified technical staff, PGs & senior staff who work hard to provide prompt service to the patient. Our battery of investigations at the OPD lab include all basic routine haematological investigations along with complete urine examination & special tests, & also a provision for cytological diagnosis in the form of FNAC & PAP smear.


We have a highly equipped in patient laboratory which runs 24 hours to provide assistance to the clinician at the need of the hour by our on-call PG students & staff.
Academic Activities:
Weekly activities-

  1. Slide Seminar
  2. Subject Seminar
  3. Journal club
  4. Case Presentation
  5. Clinico-pathological correlation
  6. Gross specimen discussion
  7. Autopsy discussion

Exams- Theory & practical internal assessment exams for both UG & PG students are being conducted regularly in our department.
Ongoing research activities in the department:

  1. Histopathological study of upper GI endoscopic biopsies
  2. Clinico-histopathological correlation of Leprosy
  3. Haematological profile in neonatal septicaemia
  4. FNAC study of cervical lymph node lesions
  5. Histopathological study of Colonoscopic biopsies
  6. Haematological profile of anaemia in 1-12 year old children
  7. Histomorphological study of salivary gland tumors
  8. FNAC study of breast lesions



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