“To Study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal”                  
James William                                                                                                      
In this era of unrest, competition, frustration, natural calamities etc,
Psychiatry, with its emphasis on humane & Compassionate approach, has gained importance as a branch   of   medicine.  

Mission / Vision

  1. Our hopes and Vision   rest   upon,   scientific advances   and  research which have added greatly  to our  understanding of  human  behavior  and ability to modify  it .
  2. The department attempts to   proceed   with  a  rigorous   approach appropriate to the  sophistication   of   today’s students & higher academic standards set  in our College.
  3. Our aim   is  to  provide basic knowledge of psychiatry for undergraduate medical students , by clinical training in interview,  diagnosis und  management of common psychiatric disorders .
  4. We also motivate our students towards  self – awareness and  awareness  of social responsibilities so that they become  better doctors .
  5.  Ultimately  our  mission  is  to teach our students to strike a balance between “COMPASSIONATE CONCERN AND DISPASSIONATE OBJECTIVITY”

                       Whichever   field of medicine   they take as specialty.

Number of Post graduate seats:          
 Infrastructure of Department:

The infrastructure & facilities

  1. four separate consultation rooms  for staff members
  2. Seminar/ demonstration room attached  to OPD
  3. modified ECT
  4. Bio feed back
  5. EEG
  6. Psychometric tools for psychological assessment
  7.  Specialty Clinics

child guidance clinic


Mental retardation clinic


De – addiction clinic


Student counselling and guidance clinic





Academic Activities:

  1. Clinical teaching in OPD
  2. Demonstration of procedures – ECT, EEG, BIOFEED BACK
  3. Regular   theory classes
  4. Mental health awareness programmes for various   sections of society
  5. Rural mental health camps
  6. Departmental seminars and journal club

 Contact details:  
Dept of Psychiatry
S.Nijalingappa Medical College &
HSK Hospital  Navanagar Bagalkot
Ph: 08354 235400 (EXT 1108)
Email. ID: