The Department Deals with Ears, Nose & Throat of the body

Dept of Otorhynolaryngology  (ENT) was started in 2002. It has good infrastructure. There are
1) four seperate Examination rooms for staff members
2) seminar/demonstration room attached to OPD,
3) BERA & Impedance room,
4) ENG room,
5) Sound treated Pure tone audiometry room,
6) Minor O.T.
7) Temporal Bone Dissection Lab

1) Build a learning environment
2) Serve Students best through dedicated teachers with commitment and conviction.
3) Train students to face the profession with confidence, courage  and compassion.
4) Provide adequate infrastructure for carrying out teaching and research works.
5) Remain in constant touch with students parents, opinion leaders, academic and professional fraternity to synthesize and analyze the emerging needs and demands so that the student is prepared well to meet the challenging requirements of the ever-changing environment.



Number of Postgraduate Seats:- 02
1. MS (ENT) - 01

2. DLO         - 01

Department has state of the art ` equipments

1. Carl zeiss microscope
2. Nasal Endoscopes –O0, 300  450 700 & 00 pediatric
3. Ventilating pediatric bronchoscope with tele scope with optical forceps
4. oesophagoscopes
5. Fibreoptic Bronchoscope
6. Fibreoptic  Nasopharyngolaryngoscope with recording facility

Ongoing research   work –ENT manifestations in trypothroidism 

1) "Saline nasal irrigation in chronic maxillary sinusitis "

Workshop on FESS Workshop  on Otology
Workshop on Septo Rhinoplasty
Speech and hearing
Achievements of Staff
- All named Ear surgeries are done except cochlear implants, Acoustic neuroma surgeries
- All nose operation are done
- All throat surgeries except oesophageal surgeries
- All the staff members have to their credit research paper publications in state and national journals.

Presented papers and case reports in conferences

Contact details:    Dept of ENT  
 S N Medical college& HSK Hospital  
 Navanagar Bagalkot 587102.
 Ph no 08354-235400 ext 1050, 1060, 1065,
 Mobile 08277016369
E mail id: entdepartment.snmcbgk@gmail.com or arjunreddym@yahoo.co.in