Pediatrics is the science and art of child care and includes preventive, promotive and curative care of children Pediatrics is not just concerned with curing disease but also of taking responsibility for the overall development and well being of the child.

Specialty Clinics –     

    • Well baby clinic
    • Child guidance clinic
    • Child rehabilitation
    • Immunization clinic
    • DTU
    • Asthma Clinic
    • Obesity Clinic
    • Adolescent Clinic
    • Nutrition Clinic

    Children account for nearly 40% of the nations population. To ensure their good health is our prior responsibility. So, the goals of undergraduate and post graduate training in pediatrics are

    1. To achieve appropriate Knowledge and to master skills necessary to care for the normal and sick child.
    2. To practice child health in both rural and urbal areas with existing health care system.
    3. To practice with empathy and caring attitude.
    4. To teach by sharing knowledge and skills
    5. To involve in research and to do new inventions in child health.

    Courses Catered: eg MBBS, BDS, PG, Diploma

    Number of postgraduate seats:-
    MD – 2 Seats
    DCH – 1 Seat

    Department of Paediatrics has 2 Units Unit A and Unit B, with bed strgenth of 60. Neonatal intensive care unit has 15 beds and level III care setup. It has warmers, incubators, phototherapy, ventilators, CPAP, apnea monitor, NIBP and pulse oximeters.

    Paediatric intensive care unit has 10 beds with level III care set up. It has ICU cots, ventilators, Multi para monitors, Pulse oximeter, Defibrillators, Ophthalmoscope.

    Special equipments Available

    Ventilator, Defibrillator, Warmers, Incubators, Phototherapy unit, Ophthalmoscope, CPAP, Pulse oximeters,Cardiac monitors, NIBPs, Cold light Source, Nebulisers, Otoscope, Spirometer, Infusion Pumps, ECG Machine, Electronic Weighing Machine, ACU Neonate Resuscitator, Apnea monitor.

    Academic activities:
    Weekly academic activity, exams, internal evaluation, ongoing research activities in the department, cme’s

    Department of Paediatrics conducts weekly academic activities.
    Monday – Journal Club
    Thursday – Case Presentation
    Friday – Seminar
    Every Month - Last Monday mortality meeting.

    Undergraduate examination are conducted according to RGUHS norms.

    Ongoing Research Activities:
    1. Study of prevalence & clinical profile of HIV/ AIDS infection in hospitalized children in S. Nijalingappa Medical College & HSK Hospital Bagalkot.
    2. Neonatal outcome in Adolescent pregnancy (Hospital based study)
    3. Clinical Spectrum of congenital malformations in babies.
    4. Neonatal Screening for Congenital Hypothyroidism.

     Achievements of staff (Publication, other honours in the field)

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